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Yogis green mission

Trying to set up my green and yogic life, things have been a role much faster than I had hoped for and well not running yet but keeping a fast pace to keep up.

My yogic life is in development, I am working on my business cards and website and hope to make some nice pics next week for my new website. Also I started making some contacts with local yoga teachers and responded to a vacancy on-line. And what happened in two weeks? I don’t just have one hour but four hours teaching yoga at two different locations coming up, which I both believe have great potential. The first is a new gym in a fast developing neighborhood where no yoga is offered yet and the second is a new yoga school in the center of town which aims to make yoga affordable for the bigger public. The exact time, lessons and links will be on my new website. I am very relieved and very happy that these good things happened so fast. It really feels like I am living up my life, being in a nice new place, writing and researching for my green blog and soon teaching yoga :).Trying to live more sustainable means continuously asking questions about what kind and where I am buying my products from. Currently I am researching two different things:

Looking at an interesting Dutch documentary on how the generation born in the early 80′ s response is on the current economical crisis I feel that more and more people from my generation try to be more self sustainable and go back to the basics. In this documentary I saw that a lot of food is wasted while many people life in food poverty (I kinda knew this already but never really took the time to actually think about this). According to researchers at WRAP (Waste and resource action program) the UK throws an estimated 7.2 million tonnes away annually, while an estimated 13.5 million people are living in food poverty. Estimates claim that nearly 50% of the wasted food is still edible. The documentary and these shocking numbers make me want to look at my own waste and what as an individual, but also what as a community we can do to help the people suffering from food poverty and minimize the waste of food.  I contacted the local fareshare community which is a national UK charity that supports communities to relieve food poverty. Next week I will be helping the volunteers and team a day to find out more about their work and learn on how we can help to increase waste and prevent food poverty.

Then there is the on-going investigation on good food and I am currently looking to find out more about Fairtrade.  Bristol is super green and lucky green girl living in the European green capital there is a Bristol Fairtrade Network. This is a group of local volunteers and businesses who support Fairtrade. They aim to increase the use and awareness of Fairtrade in Bristol by running events and campaigns in schools and the community to improve the lives of producers in developing countries and help make the world a fairer place. Fairtrade products are recognizable by their logo, and what Fairtrade seems to promote sounds great, but I am also wondering about the consequences for the farmers who currently produce our mass products, would they lose their job or do they get the opportunity to produce fair? I am trying to get at meeting with the a local Fairtrade representative to find out what we on an individual or community level can do.

Coming Friday I will visit the OM yoga show in London where I will do lots and lots of yoga where attend some workshops that have my interest and will be busy working on my website. So hopefully soon some more yogi news :).Until next time!

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