Best Acne Treatment 2017

Best Acne Treatment

Gone those days when acne was known as a teenage ailment. Now acne is a common problem faced by both males and females belonging to all age groups. Acne can really dampen your day, spoil your plans and make you low on confident. However, it is not difficult to ward off acne from your life, but you have to sit tight and follow the routine without fail I am going to share with you.

Before you know how to treat acne you need to find out the root causes of the disastrous problem. As a matter of fact, acne reflects signs of poor health. In most common cases acne is grown when regular cleansing fails and your skin pores accumulate dirt, dust, sebum, organic chemicals, and on top of it makeup ultimately clogging the pores. Bacterial and fungal infections worsen the condition of the clogged pores and develop pimples or acne. Once it has started it doesn’t seem to stop. Acne affected areas can cover the entire face, neck and some other exposed parts.

The tendency of pimples is more in teenagers because when they hit puberty the hormonal dysfunctions cause producing sebum which in turn comes in contact with dead skin cells and clog the pores. Ultimately, as you know, bacteria spread the infection in nearby areas or all over the skin.

Menopause is another common reason in women to experience acne. Last but not the least, the most important factor is our current unhealthy lifestyle. Sleeplessness, stress, food habit add up to the already existing situation or even begin the situation in some cases. Yes, I know you have heard all these before and simply hopeless, but believe me I was one of you who also faced similar situation long ago but now I have a smooth, supple and healthy skin devoid of acne. If I can do it, so can you! And I guarantee you the tips I am going to share are the best of its kind.

I would start by saying that what I am going to share can be clubbed with your existing treatment in most conditions, however, you may still want to speak to your dermatologist to be sure. I love organic and the most natural acne therapy to deal with several types of pimples (pimplestap), namely, pus, cyst, nodules, comedones etc.

Tea Tree Oil

The best known treatment for pimples is tea tree oil. I would suggest you to grow the herb in your garden so you can save a great deal of money. Alternatively, you can buy it from the market. The herbal essential oil can be diluted before using.


The aromatic herb is good to fight acne and the blemishes left by pimples. Chinese scientists conducted a research using thyme essential oil with others and proved the effective application to kill Propionibacterium acnes bacteria.

Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil is antibacterial and antiseptic. It is useful to prevent skin inflammation which helps new acne to form.


Mint has natural properties to fight itchy, infected skin. Apply the mint extract on your skin with a cotton wool or make a paste and apply on the affected areas for best results.


The vibrant colorful flowers are best to fight sunburn, acne, and blemishes. Make a paste to apply on pimples, leave it for a few minutes and rinse with plain water.


The aromatic rosemary has several benefits. According to researchers, it has given best results to fight acne.


Lavender oil which is found in the market in the form of essential oil helps prevention and cure acne breakouts. The beautiful flowers are best known for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.


Aloe-vera is a natural moisturizer for your skin. Simply cut open the leaves and apply it directly on your skin to enjoy an amazing soothing effect. Moreover, it is good for treating ingrown pimples.


I personally love lemons. My day starts with a lukewarm glass of water with lemon juice. I also add lemons in salads and healthy snacks to add taste. Lemon helps you reduce oil, that’s why most of anti-acne facewash gels and lotions claim to use lemon. Like in any other case, I would rather use it fresh and directly purchased instead of using it is some form of facewash etc. you may want to dilute lemon juice before applying directly on your skin.

The Traditional Method

It goes without saying that treating acne is not impossible and with the help of the herbs you can fight pimples and the marks but don’t you forget the basics. Stop sleeping late, eating junk and oily food. Drink lot of water was it detoxifies your skin. Cleanse your skin with water at least a few times a day to remove oil, exfoliate at least once a week. It is best to avoid makeup if you have pimples, I never apply makeup. Do yoga in the morning, stop picking on acne and pus, avoid touching the affected areas. Don’t forget to grow the herbs in your garden to get the best and cheap acne aid directly supplied from the garden. And yes, don’t think too much. My therapy works the best when you stop bothering about acne. Let my therapy heal you with time.