Why switch to green?

Because it's the RIGHT thing to do. Because of the soaring oil prices. Because we need to be responsible towards our home. Because it can be cheaper for you or even free. Because it's clean and its a step towards reducing our global warming problem. Because green means mature, easy to use technologies.

Whatever your reasons

NOW it's the time to do it. Alternative energy is no longer a science fiction concept. Technologies like biodiesel, solar power and wind power are already mainstream.

Meanwhile, a whole array of green technologies and concepts such as tidal power, ocean thermal energy, biomass, passive solar are being tested, refined and implemented all around the world.

Flexi-fuel, cars, solar powered cars are slowly making their headlines.

Integrating alternative energy into your lifestyle is becoming easier.

Even you are not thinking of implementing a green alternative, you can still apply right away some energy saving or fuel economy tips. This will save you money and protect limited resources.

About Jose:

JoseJose is a native Utahan, born and raised in Salt Lake City and Utah Valley.  His career field is social work and he graduated with his Bachelors in Psychology at Utah Valley University in 2013.  His passion for health began around the beginning of 2011 when he was introduced to the Omni Blend Blender and immediately began blending green smoothies.  Since then he has had a green smoothie just about every day!  He will admit that there are days  where he doesn't feel like making or drinking the smoothie but he continues to persevere and improve his health.  It's not easy sometimes for him or his  family but he knows that it's important and worth the sacrifice because let's face it, it's not easy sometimes.  We are surrounded by fast food, pastries,  soda, greasy food and so on.  It takes dedication to keep it up.  I hope you enjoy this website as you strive to improve your health.