How Do You View Food?

How Do You View Food
"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition." -Thomas Edison

A healthy diet is perceived as this impossible to reach and maintain concept for so many these days, when it's really not that way.  Our Standard American Diet (SAD) has turned into a McDonald's meal as the norm and a healthy homemade salad as the rare.  How do we plow through this irrational way of thinking and create a healthy diet and active lifestyle, paradigm shift?  

A great way to jump start a healthier diet is to make green smoothies daily.  You are going to need a high powered, affordable blender to blend your smoothies to a drinkable consistency. I recommend the Omni Blend blender, hands down.

Alternative Medicine


Alternative MedicineOne alternative medicine definition goes like this, a preventative health practice that does not follow generally accepted medical methods and may not have scientific explanation. I propose that consuming a large amount of fruits and vegetables is an extremely effective alternative medicine. On that note, studies will say that there is a scientific correlation with good health and consuming more fruits and veggies. Let's emphasize that this is a preventative medicine practice. Imagine that!; Preventing disease and illness that are all so common in our westernized civilization. Let's shift our way of thinking when it comes to medical care and put or eggs in the basket of alternative medical care which means preventing the illness's that could come your way. The difference is, these illness's or conditions (i.e. obesity) will be avoided because of your dieting decisions.

Holistic and Natural Healing

Have you ever thought about what our ancestor's did to treat their ailments, whether it was emotion or physical? I'm even talking about going back centuries and millennia ago. They didn't have MRI's, X-rays, blood work, antibiotics medication, etc. Instead they relied on, the natural medicine from Mother Earth. Some still do that today, but in our western society, it's rare. They relied on a healthy diet and natural remedies like herbs and plants. Why don't we include this in our daily routine and especially why dont we think more this way when we become ill? There is good reason why we don't; One big reason being we rely on science, we need to see it "proven". Well if your in any way religious or spiritual, you know that some of the most important things in life, are not proven by science. Don't get me wrong, modern day medicine is amazing and vital. What medical science is capable of is truly shocking at times, believe me, I have witnessed first hand some amazing medical treatment in my family.

My overall thoughts on this topic is, we need three things to maintain good "health" in all ways:

  • Modern day medicine through doctors, treatment, tests, procedures, etc.
  • Mental and emotional therapy/counseling when needed (to treat life problems).
  • Holistic and Natural Healing remedies and practices, such as implementing a more plant based diet (as discussed more in depth on this website), essential oils, emotional healing, via energy work/muscle testing, and the list goes on.

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