GAL’s Guide to Surviving Hunting Season for The No Hunting


When I met Scotty I knew he enjoyed hunting. Wait…let me rephrase that, hunting is his way of life. I remember someone telling me at the time, “Oh you will get sick of hunting season, trust me.” The only person who ever hunted in my family growing up was my step-brother. When he was younger, I do remember his girlfriend’s complaining about it from time to time, but I never put much thought into. Now, experiencing the 5 a.m. alarm clock every weekend from early Mid-August on, I can honestly say…I LOVE hunting season!

Yes, I said it, I love hunting season and the kicker is I don’t hunt! I have tried hunting, but it didn’t go so well. I literally almost jumped in front of a bullet to save a bunny. From that point on, we decided I probably shouldn’t hunt. I have always known that Scott’s first love was hunting and I would never try to take away or compete with something he is so passionate about just because it takes so much of his time up during part of the year.

I understand that everyone is different and this thought process might not work for every gal, but if it works for one I will be thrilled! I have always been pretty independent and I learned in my relationship it’s always a good thing to embrace having some extra time for “me.” We don’t have children, but I have heard that “me time” quickly goes away when you have them. So, don’t worry, I will touch on a few ideas for mommas to kick hunting season in the butt as well. Here we go….

  • Hobby it up – Each season try something you have always wanted to do, but really never felt like you had time. Last hunting season, I started doing a yoga class and I absolutely fell in love. I started with a four-week intro class that met once a week and when that ended I started going on Saturday mornings. Your hobby could be anything and don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the box.
  • Get down and dirty – Start a really big cleaning, organizational project. I say big because it will keep you busy for Saturdays to come.
  • Volunteer – Whether it’s helping out at your local YMCA or animal shelter, there are always ways to help out. I feel we should always find a way to help others.
  • Be a couch potato….seriously! One year I was addicted to different TV series I didn’t have time to watch during the work week. I would always watch a few episodes during Saturday morning hunts. Then, I was always sure to go for a walk/run during the evening hunt.
  • Cook the kill – Ok, sounds weird, but most likely whatever the man in your life kills, it can be cooked. Cooking wild game can be a bit tricky, so read up on it and surprise your man with different dishes with what he harvested. It took me a while to be able to do this, and I still don’t eat all the meat, but I try everything once and everything can be prepared in so many different ways.
  • For the Mommas – We don’t have kids, but I always thought this might be a fun idea to try with some other friends who have husbands/significant others who hunt all fall long. Try rotating the kids…sure, it will all depend on what age they are, but maybe pick a Saturday each month where one mom watches all the kids while the other ladies run errands on their own, relax at home alone for a bit, or go out with the girls for a fun-filled day. Just I thought

Well, thanks so much for taking time to see how this gal has handled hunting season. Please feel free to email me if you want to share your thoughts on how to make it through hunting season, or if you just want to chit chat a little about my blog!