An Appreciation of Hunting and Shooting

Hunting and Shooting

Growing up, I really didn’t pay much attention to guns and shooting. No one around me really hunted, so it was one of those things I never paid attention to. I feel that animals have the right to live and I could never really understand how someone could look an animal in the eye and shoot it. My feelings really haven’t changed. But, I certainly have an understanding for hunting and a greater appreciation for shooting now.

I don’t like the killing of animals; however, I have learned that hunters don’t kill for fun. They do it for a cause. Hunters find bliss when in the wild and everyone should have that – whatever their bliss may be. Scotty always says that hunting white-tailed deer is his favorite hunt. Of that hunt, 99 percent is watching nature and 1 percent is the harvest of an animal. Every weekend he is on a hunt. He says its about friends, family, memories, and stocking a freezer for us or someone who is less fortunate. I have started to pay attention and learn some of the unspoken rules of hunting….

  • Hunters are the biggest conservationists on earth: Duck Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, White Tails forever foundation, Delta Waterfowl, Safari Club International, the Wild Turkey Federation, just to name a few.
  • Hunting is organic, which is a huge trend right now. You know exactly where the meat is coming from. There is nothing like watching your steaks eat your crops all summer long. Then, you get to prepare it!
  • Hunting is great exercise.
  • It teaches children about the beauty of the great outdoors. They can learn the way of the land, which is something they definitely cannot learn playing video games.

Shooting doesn’t have to always have to tie into hunting. The rise of competitive shooting has steadily increased throughout the years, especially with women. Why? Because it’s something new, although shooting is one of Americas great past times. Companies are increasingly manufacturing products geared towards women like pink pistols and shot guns, so now shooting is more appealing to females.

When I first started to shoot, I was very intimated by it. I learned over time to be patient and try to improve each time I go out. It is not going to happen over night – which is sometimes hard for someone as competitive as me. Today, my favorite activity is shooting clay pigeons…and you better believe this gal can keep up with the men!

I think shooting is a great bonding experience. It is something special I get to do with people I care about. I learned how to shoot from Scotty – who taught you? Tell me your stories about hunting and shooting in the comments. As always, thank you for stopping by the gal’s page!