Best Acne Treatment 2017

Best Acne Treatment

Gone those days when acne was known as a teenage ailment. Now acne is a common problem faced by both males and females belonging to all age groups. Acne can really dampen your day, spoil your plans and make you low on confident. However, it is not difficult to ward off acne from your life, but you have to sit tight and follow the routine without fail I am going to share with you.

GAL’s Guide to Surviving Hunting Season for The No Hunting


When I met Scotty I knew he enjoyed hunting. Wait…let me rephrase that, hunting is his way of life. I remember someone telling me at the time, “Oh you will get sick of hunting season, trust me.” The only person who ever hunted in my family growing up was my step-brother. When he was younger, I do remember his girlfriend’s complaining about it from time to time, but I never put much thought into.